Glee – 5×17 – Promo

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Sneak Peek: “Tested” | GLEE

Chord Overstreet narrates this week’s sneak peek for “Tested,” and shares a bit about what is in store for the burgeoning relationship between Mercedes and Sam.

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STD Newsreel from “Tested” | GLEE

Check out this old-time newsreel cold open that gives Blaine, Kurt, Sam and Artie the tools to stop the STD epidemic in its tracks.

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5×16 – Episode stills

Here are two brand new episode stills of tonight’s Glee, “Tested”. We can’t wait to see it!

51605.jpg 51606.jpg 51605.jpg 51606.jpg

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At Coachella – April 13

On Sunday afternoon Chord was seen outside the Coachella Music Festival in Thermal, California. Enjoy!

atc1.jpg atc2.jpg atc3.jpg atc6.jpg

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Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party

Yesterday Chord attended the Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party at the first weekend of the 2014 Coachella Music Festival in Thermal, California. Check out the pictures by clicking the thumbnails below!

lbdpp02.jpg lbdpp04.jpg lbdpp08.jpg lbdpp07.jpg

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Glee – Episode stills

Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5×15 – Bash
51514~1.jpg 51511.jpg 51513.jpg 51515.jpg

Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5×16 – Tested
51604.jpg 51604.jpg 51604.jpg 51604.jpg

Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5×17 – Opening Night
51702.jpg 51703.jpg 51702.jpg 51703.jpg

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Glee – 5×16 – Promo#2

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Chord Overstreet and Halston Sage Split Up

Another Hollywood couple bites the dust.
Chord Overstreet and Halston Sage have split up, a source tells E! News.
Speculation that the Glee guy and the actress had called it quits began to surface over the weekend when Sage was spotted with Zac Efron at a Los Angeles Lakers game on Friday evening.
However, our source could not say for certain if Sage is actually dating her Neighbors costar.
Prior to dating Overstreet, Sage was romantically linked to Big Time Rush star and Dancing With the Stars contestant James Maslow.
Of course, now that he’s back on the singles scene, perhaps Overstreet can try and pursue Sandra Bullock again.
After all, he did declare his love and admiration for the Oscar winner during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last December, going so far as to ask her out on a date.
“Sandra, would you go out with me?” he said while gazing into the camera. “Oh, and it would be amazing if you could just respond right now so I’m not left waiting.”
At the time, Overstreet revealed how he actually saw Bullock once in person.
“I saw her from a distance at one of these red carpet things and I was too scared to talk to her,” he said. “She was that beautiful.”

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5×15, 5×16 – Episode stills

Here are some brand new episode stills of Glee’s 15th(“Bash”) and 16th(“Tested”) episode. Check them out in the gallery!

Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5×15 – Bash
51509.jpg 51509.jpg 51509.jpg 51509.jpg

Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5×16 – Tested
51602.jpg 51603.jpg 51602.jpg 51603.jpg

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